Titech Autosort Coming to Beuamen's 

As part of Beaumen's re-tooling process the corportion has purchasaed a Titech Autosort 2800, the most advanced optical sorter in the recycling industry.  There are over 2,000 Titech optical sorter operating world wide.

In the recycling industry, infrared technology is used to “scan” materials such as mixed plastics (PET, PP, PVC, and others), mixed paper, glass, C&D, and MSW materials for sorting. 

Titech Sorting Recycling Advantages

Titech Sorting Recycling has units operating in 40 countries. The AUTOSORT has been in production for over 15 years and is a mature product that has gone through several revisions and improvements. The entire TOMRA Sorting Recycling family of products are developed and manufactured in Europe.

Titech Sorting Recycling machines have the most scans per second of any optical sorting company. Expected recovery and purity rates are in the 90%–99% range.


Over the past five years, Titech Autosort has had an availability of more than 95% where maintenance protocols were properly followed.