Processing Blue Box Recyclables - Material Recovery Facility ("MRF")

Beuamen's has operated a dual stream MRF for over 20 years processing blue box recyclables from municipalities in Renfrew County.  Just over one years ago in December 2014 a strategic managment decision was made that processing blue box recyclables was going to be area of intense sales focus for increased revenue and a souce of new jobs for Renfrew County.  The long term policy of zero tipping fee for the processing of recyclables remained.

As of December 2014, Beaumen was processing recyclable materials for 9 of 17 municipalies in Renfrew County and no municipalities in Lanark County.   The MRF plant was operating at less then 50% capacity with its processing equipment that was over 15 years old.

The calendar year of 2015 was an exception year for the sales team at Beaumen's.  As of December 31, 2015, the company had signed up 6 new municipal customers, including 4 from Renfrew County and for the first time, 2 Municipalities from Lanark County became Beuamen customers, the  Town of Smiths Falls, the Town of Perth.  This incredible growth gave the management team the task of re-tooling the MRF to keep up with new processing demand.  

The MRF re-tooling process was started in June 2015 and will be completed in the first quarter of 2016.  The re-tooling is now 75% complete and included the repositioning of existing equipment and instalation of a new fiber line.  This new Fiber line has now been in operation for 3 months and has increased fiber processing from 2 metric tons ("MT") per hour to 10 MT per hour with the same number of sorters.  This 5x times increase in fiber processing capacity has allowed Beaumen's to service the new 5 Municipal clients in the same single 8 hour day shift.

Beaumen's is now in the process of setting up a new Co-Mingle (plastics, metals, glass) sorting line that will increase sorting production form 1.25 MT per hour to 6 MT per hour sorting Co-Mingle recycleable materials.  This new Co-Mingle sorting line will include the use of world class optical sorting technolody by operating a Titech Autosort that uses x-ray technology to air sort all recyclables including Plastics, Metals and Fiber.

This new technology will make Beaumen's the first MRF in Eastern Ontario to be able to process both dual stream recyclables and single stream recyclables in the same hybrid plant.  In the end the plant will process 16 MT per hour of dual stream material or 12 MT per hour of single steam materials.  

Beaumen's new long term plan is to bring production up to 20,000 MT of blue box processing.  This is the unofficial size of small MRF based on North American standards for cost efficient blue box processing.  Call us today to have your Municipality's blue box recycling processed by Beuamen's for nil dollars tipping fee per MT.  Many of our competitor charge $60 to $80 per MT for blue box processing.