Organics Recycling For Municipalities

Beaumen's new service for 2016 is Municipal Organics.  This is a very specialized service and we offer the following components:

  • Curbside pickup - using our fleet of trucks we offer organics curbside pickup that can be stand alone or combined with garbage service.  Beaumen's truck fleet includes special split packer trucks specificly designed for orgnaics pickup.
  • Municipal transfer station / landfill pickup and delivery - using our fleet of front load trucks we offer municipal transfer station pickup using special 6 yard containers designed for organics
  • Organics Disposal - Beaumen's has partnered with Lafleche to offer Organics processing and disposal.  This is an excellent service for Municipalities that want to offer organics services for the first time and tonnages can start out very low and grow quickly.  
  • We have a orgnaics diversion plan that include organics processing drop off at Lafleche's Beckwith Transfer Station located just outside of Carleton Place in the Town of Beckwith.