Five-Year Landfill Contract to Beaumen Waste Management Systems Limited

Renfrew Mercury

By Steve Newman

November 7, 2013

News -Renfrew council chambers was packed, with about 25 employees from Beaumen Waste Management, to hear if their company's bid to provide a waste-reduction program at the Renfrew landfill site would be accepted.

The group applauded enthusiastically, at the Oct. 28 council meeting, after council voted unanimously to accept Beaumen's request for proposal (RFP), which was being compared with two other RFPs.

Development and works director Mike Asselin said the town's three options - the status quo (paying a couple of contractors to oversee the program), internalization (town staff doing the diversion that included buying $400,000 in compactor equipment) and choosing the best RFP.

The three RFPs ranged in price per first year of $198,332 to more than $350,000. The other bidders were Tomlinson and Barron Disposal.

The lowest bid came from Renfrew-based Beaumen Waste Management, which is partnering with Lafleche Environmental Inc. of Moose Creek, Ont.

Beaumen's annual fee rises from $198,332 in the first year to $216,162 in the fifth year.

Incorporated in 1997, Lafleche offers solid waste services to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential sectors of eastern Ontario. Lafleche operates a large bioreactor, a 120,000-metric ton compost facility and four transfer stations in Ontario.

Renfrew-based Beaumen, which does garbage pickup and recycling for area municipalities, has about 30 staff, including Andrew Shouldice, who became the company's new owner since April 2013.

Beaumen will handle the waste-management program under the auspices of the town.

"We're very pleased that we've been awarded the contract," said Shouldice.

"We're going to work with the town in detail to extend the life (of the landfill) as long as possible, and we're looking forward to providing the service to the community.

"We're also very pleased to bring back Friday service, because it's been an issue for us and we use the landfill a lot."

The Beaumen owner says the contract is big because, "as a local company we're looking to bring back into Renfrew and get back into the landfill management business, because Beaumen did landfill business under the previous owner (Dan Menard)" many years ago.

Beaumen, which has about 26 employees, will have two full-time employees, management personnel and two or three part-time staffworking on the Renfrew landfill contract.

The contract will be co-ordinated with Lafleche, whose president Brian King, attended Monday's meeting.

"We're very excited and proud that Andrew asked us to provide the quality control and quality assurance," said King.

"As far as the landfill operation is concerned, we have full confidence in Andrew and his team that they'll do a great job. We've inspected the landfill site and I think there's some great opportunities we can use to maybe improve maintenance and operation of the landfill."

Prior to council's vote, Asselin said the recommendation to accept Beaumen's RFP is part of the town's ongoing efforts to increase the landfill site's life expectancy.

"The town has been working to reduce the volume of material going into the landfill site," said Asselin, who referred to several examples. These included changes that went into effect in 2012, like reducing the number of garbage bags for commercial and residential users, charging landfill tipping fees based on weight instead of volume, providing educational material, retaining part-time staff for monitoring, and charging extra for mixed loads of waste at a cost of $150 per tonne.

These new moves have helped increase the landfill site's lifespan from 11 to 18 years, but with this new arrangement Asselin said the town's hopeful even more capacity can be found.

Support of the RFP also results in cost savings for the town, which planned to purchase garbage-compactor equipment for $400,000. Now Beaumen will use its own equipment and also be responsible for repairs.

The new arrangement also means the town will give notice to two contractors working at the landfill. Those contracts will end Feb. 1 2014, with Beaumen officially starting Feb. 2, 2014.